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Pakistan Gemological Laboratory (PGL) is an independent international Laboratory that provides Professional Colored Gemstones Grading and Gem Identification services to Gem and Jewelry industry.
PGL is the first Gemological Laboratory in Lahore Pakistan Founded by gemologist MR. Umer Tariq in 2016, We specializes in Gemstone evaluation, grading procedures and setting certification standards for the identification of authentic Gemstones around the world. We developed a report format that is clear, easy to understand, and varied according to the needs. We are also equipped with complete gemological equipment’s, techniques, knowledge and analysis from our experienced gemologist. To produce quality reports that shows originality, presence or absence of additional treatment, knowledge of the origin and the quality of the gemstone.


PGL comprises of a team with highly qualified and success driven gemologists, who are responsible for testing gemstones using professional equipment’s. Gemstone evaluation is a complex and timely process which requires the stone to first be examined thoroughly to determine the type of stone, its color, quality and origin.
Upon completing this stage, the stone is then evaluated for every small detail, such as weight, color, clarity, and cutting, among other things. Although these processes may seem small, they require complete attention and careful study of the gem, which is carried out responsibly by the team at PGL.
After careful and thoroughly examination of the gemstone, its certification report is generated by the company and updated on their website, the customer receives a Certificate number, which they can use to view or print their certificate from the PGL website.

Mr Umer Tariq Gemologist

Owner of Pakistan Gem Lab

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